The Power of the Resurrection

Twenty-five years ago, following the deaths of my sister and brother within nine months of each other, my theological thoughts turned to the mystery of suffering and death. Out of that awful experience  I wrote a book, Unwanted Wisdom:  Suffering, the Cross and Hope.  Yet, despite its final emphasis on an eschatological hope, that book was marked by an impenetrable darkness, one from which it was impossible to emerge at the time.  The passage of the years, however, has brought a new awareness, that authentic joy emerges from the darkness of suffering, and that it is possible to live with a buoyancy and hope in spite of the suffering that attends life.  But this “in spite of” I now realize, comes not only as the result of God’s grace piercing the darkness.  God’s grace is always being poured upon us, for it is an expression of the explosion of God’s love that gave birth to the universe itself, and that sustains each of us in our lives and our sufferings, and in our dying.  For the ineffable but all enveloping God is “all in all” (1 Cor 15:28).  This realization—of that which is the foundation and center of Christian faith—gives rise to a tremendous internal freedom, and to a joy, even laughter, that opens us to the Eternal, the Love that lures us beyond the horizon of death.  Death is thus nothing to fear, “for whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s” (Rom 14:8).  (April 28, 2018)

1 thought on “The Power of the Resurrection”

  1. One never wants to get a cell phone call from one’s doctor with bad news. … But I had this flood of freedom, when I said to myself, “Why not me?” … Jaques Philleppe: “You have got to give God permission to love you!” He does!


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