Discovering God in the Deep

Not that long ago I was certified (for the second time) as a scuba diver.  There were three things I have learned from scuba diving:  how to breathe slowly when one wants to breathe fast; how to remain calm in the face of fear; and how to see the unseen: the weirdly beautiful surprises of creation hiding in the water.  IMG_1462There’s only one way to see these things, the 90% of creation that we don’t see in our regular terrestrial lives: we have to go there, and dive into the deep. Apart from flying like a bird, I imagine there is nothing quite like moving through the deep, buoyed up by and sinking into the liquid aether of the sea.  One feels enveloped and uplifted by the luminous mass of surging blue-green matter, much as one lives, moves and has one’s being within the ever-greater reality of God (Acts 17:28).  It is an incredible experience to know this kind of freedom—and uncanny security—in surrendering to the overwhelming power of God’s creation—of the God who shines forth in the waters of life.

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