My Silly Brain

A friend of mine grew up in New Jersey.  While I was driving one day, I asked him whether his family had raised succulents in their garden.  He replied, “No, succulents don’t grow so well in New Jersey.”  I said, “Oh, of course, bad climate for succulents.”

After a pause, he piped up and said, “Oh, but we did have ‘hen and chicks.’”

“’Hen and chicks?’” I said.  “Did you eat the eggs?”

‘Hen and Chicks’

How does the brain make such spectacularly silly transitions?  I don’t know, but I thoroughly enjoy it when it happens.  Cheap kicks.


2 thoughts on “My Silly Brain”

  1. They were called Hens and Chickens in Buffalo, NY.
    My Dad had many of them in his garden.
    Nice to see a picture of them again.


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