What More…

The following is a short excerpt from a recent homily:

We do not need to live to see all our desires—personal and otherwise—fully realized.  We need only ask:  What more can I do with what remains of this precious life that I have been given?  Even if I am sixteen, sixty, eighty—or even if I am dying?  Help me—help us—look beyond the earthly bread that can satisfy only a little, and toward the Bread that alone can satisfy beyond imagining—the Bread that leaves us asking not for more from God, in a spirit of anxiety, but rather what more can we give to God, in a spirit of gratitude.

The Psalmist poses all this as a simple question, and one that we might turn around in our hearts: “What return can I possibly make to the Lord for all of his goodness to me?”  (Ps 116).

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