Inclusion in Christ

There are times when I thank God for the Episcopal Church.  Of course, it is a church, and so there are any number of reasons to be realistic about its human foibles and, like the Catholic Church, its own history of sin.  It also has its own share of theological and political problems. But it is a communion that openly struggles with difficult issues, and which also has some vibrant local churches that manifest an authentic Christian faith, where the Eucharist is the central animating reality.  I admire the Episcopal Church for having ordained women to the diaconate and priesthood. And today, I admire the Episcopal Church for honoring the memory of Matthew Shepard as he is interred at the National Cathedral in Washington. I love my Catholic faith, though not every aspect of the Catholic Church.  I do not see the Catholic Church as we know it ever being able to make such a gesture; all the more reason that we need the Episcopal Church for such an urgently needed institutional expression of the gift of Christ offered to all people without exception, including not least the LGBT members of the Body of Christ.

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