img_0530What can I say?  Even their name elicits joy.  When I was a kid, my Mom had them planted in the long brick planter on the front of the house.  Same glorious color, too.  And they’re always a surprise in the middle of January (as are Narcissus).  Spring is just around the corner, and I’m ready for it!  December was unbearably dark and thankfully the days are gradually lengthening.  The squirrels are showing up again, too.  Good signs.


4 thoughts on “Daffodils”

  1. Such a beautiful yellow. The sun shines through these flower tops and the vibrant green stems look good enough to eat! Sautéed with garlic.
    Growing up in an S.F. urban neighborhood, we didn’t have flowers around. The local park had grass and that is the closest to nature I got unless our folks drove out to Russian River. But even there we were taught to shoot guns and played games. We went into the river but I didn’t appreciate the beauty as I was trying not to drown.

    I was not taught nor did I learn until I was an undergrad in art history classes, to ‘see’ nature around me. Even walking lowsy, dirty streets in S.F. one can find weeds trying to get through the cement. That’s beautiful too.

    I thought of your mom as soon as I saw this picture. I would have appreciated her garden and the love she gave there. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. When I was growing up, my father had the “green thumb.”
    And we sure had the yellow daffodils and the purple crocus that would peek through a layer of snow; lest we forget Spring is coming 💐
    The flowers were such a delight after the nine months of grey skies and so much snow.
    Thanks for sharing your garden.


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